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Large Cylinder Set

These can be used for Centerpieces, down your Aisle, and to add ambiance pretty much anywhere!

Tall Pilsner Vase

These are great for Centerpieces because they are slim and taper to accomidate a floral topper (So your guests can still chat across the table!)

Tall Golden Urn Vase

A little different than the Pilsner, with a golden hue!

Small Cylinder Set

These are so versitile- use for centerpieces, down your head table with floating candles, down your aisle or even to put your bouquets in on your head table!


Our White, Wooden Trellis stands 7 feet tall. We typically will have a floral topper spanning the top section, but you can customize this any way you like! We offer sheer, white panels to drape as well!


These can be used at Your Church Ceremony by the Altar, down the aisle of your Banquet Hall Reception, or really anywhere you'd like to showcase an arrangement!

Sandwich Chalkboard Sign

This item is a great way to add a sign to your reception or ceremony and can be used with or without flowers


Most brides love to add a floral topper to these silver candleabras, but they can be used with 5 dripless taper candles as well. They have draping crystals that reflect candlelight for a beautiful look!

Shepherd Hooks with Hanging Vases

We offer 2 foot, black iron shepherd hooks that are great for adding decor to your aisle! You can hang vases with your floral choices and colors for an additional fee (or even use wooden bases for the hooks and bring them inside!)

Wooden Tree Round

Our Oak Tree Rounds are 18" in diameter, so they really anchor the centerpiece and bring the look together! Use together with our Lanterns (or your own) and add Mason Jars with floral for a textured look!


We offer Black Lanterns that hold a small white candle. These are great when you want the lantern look, but don't want to purchase 20 lanterns!

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